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We have developed multiple e-commerce based website such as:,,
Positive brand reputation builds trust in your brand and it is important that your brand never builds any negative reputation in a world where anything can reach people in seconds. Twitter is a very big example for this, today when a customer receives a bad service he can easily damage your brand with a single tweet.
"As the world gets connected by the internet, digital marketing has become a very important part of any marketing or branding strategy. It is an easy way to reach your audience and in a more personal way. Thus when your competitors are using it they have an edge over you to reach the desired audience first. "
"Branding = Understanding Yourself E.g. Who are we? Who do we serve? How are we different? What problem do we solve for our customers? Things like brand strategy, logos, colour-schemes, messaging and maintaining that work are all part of the branding equation. Marketing = Understanding Your Customer Market research, product development, pricing, customer support, websites, brochures, social media, SEO, publicity, public relations, event planning, blogging, community outreach, etc., are all subsets of marketing. The common thing between branding and marketing is to connect with the right audience with different types of content. "
Since brand building is a qualitative term, exact tracking mechanism doesn't exist. However, the effect of brand building can be seen in other terms like increased product/services demand, increased sells, improved perception, more positive reviews, more engagement, more site visits, quality audience on the website, positive chatters on the web, positive brand reviews etc.
The internet users are increasing day by day, India alone has 627 million internet users and thus it would not be difficult to say that a lump sum amount of your target audience is online. Digital marketing has also revolutionized old ways of marketing as everything is now on the tip of your fingers and content consumption is increasing day by day. Thus digital marketing helps you to reach your target audience at any given point of time.
Though there can be multiple ways, the best way to do branding is user engagement through one way or two way engagement. One way engagement is when you put out content which will be entertaining as well as informational for the audience and two-way engagement is where we expect a response from the audience.
We have developed social networking apps as well as dating apps with features like content sharing, engaging with content, follow/unfollow, messaging, add as friend/connection, communities, live streaming, and more.
We follow a transparent communication process and interact with you frequently, at every stage of development with the latest updates related to your app development project.
We assign our best project managers with non-technical clients to help them understand the entire development process in different stages: 1. Prerequisite for app development- An app idea is the most important thing that’s necessary to develop a mobile app. 2. Analyzing and strategizing- These ideas are then analyzed considering business requirements, market needs, target audience, etc., to strategize the development process. 3. Designing- We keep the above factors in mind to decide features, UI and UX design of mobile apps. 4. Development- Once we complete the designing part, we proceed for coding and develop a final product following the app development strategy. 5. Client approval- Once we develop the end product, we send it for client approval. 6. Testing- After approval, we conduct testing for the end product to troubleshoot any technical glitches and ensure its proper function.
We sign a mutual confidentiality agreement with our clients who are concerned about protecting their app ideas, to give them surety that their ideas and project details are fully safe with us.
We follow proper encryption and the latest data security techniques while developing an app to make highly-secure mobile apps.
We are well-versed in developing apps with React Native and Flutter.
Well yes, powerful mobile browser apps are built using the latest technology called PWA (Progressive Web Apps), and we are pretty good on it.
Yes, we can develop all types of complicated applications with navigation functionality.
Well, we develop the app with a one-time cost as your mobile app agency. We don’t prefer working on equity or partnership.
Yes, we can easily develop an app for your website. We use cloud databases so the data will be synchronized across your website and mobile app as well.
Wehave clients in places such as Canada, and the USA
We routinely provide twelve months of technical support for many of the websites we create. We will also train you on how to manage and edit your content – text, images, videos, etc. Support beyond this is customized according to the needs of particular clients but could include webmaster services which we provide on a no-contract, month-to-month basis.
We provide ample training on how to use your website’s dashboard to manage, maintain and edit your content. Depending on your location, we can provide, in person, phone and/or web-conference training.
We perform a number of pre-launch tests and other procedures to make sure that your website is performing as promised and meets industry standards. Among other things we test to make sure that your site renders properly in all the major browsers, loads within acceptable limits and works properly with all plugins and 3rd party integrations.
Hosting is super important! When it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for. We’ve developed a list of our absolute favorite hosts to help you find the right host at the right price.
Usually that is you. You are the expert on your business, so it’s usually best if it comes from you. If you need help, we can recommend copywriters who can help clean up or write original content for you at an additional cost.
A lot! Your input and feedback is crucial to this process. We’ll start with a lot of questions about your needs, your likes, your wants and work with you to develop just the right look and functionality.
Nope! We work with clients all over the world. Our whole team works remotely, allowing us to find the absolute best team for our business.
We ensure to choose the best suitable CMS depending on the client’s requirements. Most often we use WordPress and also use page builders like Elementor, DIVI and more.
That sounds great. We can use it and will also tweak it if necessary, based on your expectations
Yes, you have the option to choose it, and it would also help us in customizing by understanding your expectations
A well-designed website will increase user experience, which is very essential to get more conversions. When you build your website with a well-structured design, your customers and visitors would feel aesthetically pleasing about the website and would drag in more and more potential customers. The very first step for your success is to make your visitors and customers appealing, and that is possible only by delivering a well-designed website.
Yes, we can help you in designing your logo that suits your business as we have expert designers working for us. We ensure your logo to be unique, creative and attractive.
You can check out our portfolio to get an idea of what we do. Also, have a look at the web design services we offer.
Yes, sure. We practice getting the design confirmed by our clients. This would help us to make the required changes before getting into the development process.
You are right. The market does have free templates for website design but, you might not have the full freedom to tweak it as per your requirement and moreover using a pre-built template for a website will not help you to stand out from the crowd. We can build your website with unique designs tailoring your needs with some creativity and professionalism added to it.
We handle startups, NPOs, medium and small size companies. We keenly understand our client’s requirements, plan, organize and work striving to deliver great results.
That shouldn’t be a big deal. We can handle and work on it as per your suggestions and requirements.
Ya sure, through an in-detailed discussion we can help you to track your requirements.
Yes, we make sure to build responsive websites and will be also accessible on both apple and android devices.
Oops! I hope such situations don’t occur. We ensure to report and get your feedback at every stage of development we complete. Our practice is to update the client with a weekly report on what has been completed and continue to work as per their suggestions.
That sounds great. If you already have one and that suits your business, we can very well proceed with it.
This completely depends on what you actually need. Whether you need a new website, revamp your website, depending on your requirements you can hire developers for the project.
Yes, we can assign a full-time dedicated developer. When your website is built, maintained and updated by a full-time dedicated developer it can help in delivering productive output.
Our payment steps are quite easy and secure with transparency. We accept payments through secure payment gateways such as PayPal and We also accept wired transactions. Once you receive our invoice, you can choose your payment method and proceed with the transaction.
Don’t make assumptions. The site may break down due to reasons like temporary problems, problems in web hosting, etc. Your site may have been hacked or might be due to a technical error that needs to be fixed. We help analyze the problem that occurred and deliver solutions based on it.
Redesigning a website may take time, but it would help in generating more leads when done with the right strategy. When you have planned for redesigning a website with an expert agency, they can help you in implementing the best and suitable techniques, as they have expert designers, developers and content producers who can bring in better and improved results.
Our project management process involves everything, right from scratch till delivering the project successfully. We first understand and plan based on the requirements, prioritize the tasks and start the execution with a well-structured process flow. During the execution, we ensure to track and monitor the progress of the project and during the final stage, we ensure to troubleshoot, test and deliver it along with a final report of the project.
Through our maintenance service, we can help you in improving the design, features and overall performance of your website without the need for a new one. Our adroit UI UX experts can also help you with suggestions on improving user experience in an existing website hence, we can enhance your existing website without any hassle.
If you redesign the right way you will not be losing your ranking as we follow a proper checklist for revamping and it would help in gaining more visibility as your business will stand out of the crowd with updated and optimized designs.
Of course, we can help you in adding relevant content to your website. Our team of copywriters can help you in delivering professional content by understanding your requirements and business objectives. At ColorWhistle, we deliver content for landing pages, service pages and also make it a practice to write relevant blogs for your business and maintain it with a regular content update.
There are a lot of platforms in the market that help in building a creative and professionally designed website, but nearly half of the websites on the internet are built on WordPress. We are experts in building websites on the following platforms, WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Joomla and CodeIgniter. Depending on your requirements, we would suggest the best suitable platform.
Yes, we offer an SEO basic setup package where we include items like setting up metadata, tracking and analytics setup. Clients can also quote for other SEO services on a monthly basis for further optimization. It’s important to work on the SEO of a website as it significantly brings in more traffic and conversions to your website. Yes, we do optimize your website for SEO as it is one of the crucial steps that will increase the possibility of getting many leads.


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